ICIBC offers ministry related curriculum with a primary objective of developing a true understanding of your identity and inheritance IN CHRIST.  Many Christians talk about what they are trying to be, what they need to be, and what they are going to be.  God wants you to understand who you ARE and what you have NOW in Christ.

Our correspondence program allows students to work toward an Associate degree in Theology and grow in faith, regardless of where they are located.



  Earn up to an accredited Associate’s Degree upon completion of each program with ministry related curriculum taught by Reverend Mark Hankins.

  Automatic enrollment in “Message of the Month” program from Mark Hankins Ministries.

  Group study options available for local church, prison or community groups.

  Courses include In Christ Realities, Spirit of Faith, Divine Healing, and more.



The cost of a 9 month correspondence program per course/month is $75 for US residents and $100 for foreign students.  Each installment includes tuition, Ministry Practicum credit, textbook, workbook, and CD series or DVD series for each course.  The full two-year program (18 courses) can be completed in 18 months.


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