TH-101                 IN CHRIST REALITIES

This course will focus on what happened in the death, burial and resurrection of Christ, as well as who the believer is “in Christ”.  Many Christians talk about what they are trying to be, what they need to be, and what they are going to be; but this course teaches who you are now and what you have now as a believer.

 TH-102                 AUTHORITY OF THE BELIEVER

This course helps the student understand the authority that God has given them as a believer and challenges them to walk in that authority in their daily lives.

 TH-103                 MARRIAGE AND FAMILY                                                           

This course will present the Biblical principles that are necessary in order to have a successful marriage and family life.  This course will define the importance of harmony in the family unit as God’s original plan.

 TH-104                 DIVINE HEALING

This course reveals that physical healing has been provided for every believer in the redemptive work of Christ.  Students will examine what the Bible says about God’s will to heal “all,” then take a look at God’s methods of healing and discover common hindrances to receiving healing.

 TH-105                 PRINCIPLES OF FAITH

This course explains the concept of faith in God and His word.  Emphasis is placed on scriptural ways to develop ever-increasing faith in God.


This course is designed to give the student a solid moral foundation based on the Word of God.  The favor and blessings of God follow moral and ethical behavior.  A life of integrity is essential for any servant of the Gospel.

 TH-107                 THE LOVE OF GOD

This course teaches how to let the love of God dominate our lives rather than to allow our flesh or our unredeemed thinking to rule us.

 TH-108                 NEW TESTAMENT SURVEY

This course provides an overview of the main thoughts and the central themes of the twenty-seven books of the New Testament.

 TH-109                 BIBLICAL FINANCES

This course reveals God’s plan of provision and abundance for His people.  It emphasizes the need for faith and an understanding of the principles necessary to receive God’s best.



 TH-201                 THE HOLY SPIRIT AND HIS GIFTS

This course gives the student a working knowledge of the nine New Testament gifts of the Spirit as described in I Corinthians 12 and 14. 

 TH-202                 OLD TESTAMENT SURVEY I                          TH-203                 OLD TESTAMENT SURVEY II

These courses provide an overview of the messages, the authors, the history, and the main themes of the books of the Old Testament.  The teachings in these courses will center around God’s eternal plan of redemption beginning with creation. 

 TH-204                 PRINCIPLES OF PRAYER

This course presents the principles and purpose of prayer as outlined in the Bible.  The teachings will include the different kinds of prayer, the function of prayer in our daily lives, and how to pray and seek God on a daily basis.


This course provides an outline of the life and teachings of Jesus Christ and survey the order of the events in His earthly ministry.


This course explores various tools and methods of Bible study, including book, character, word, and topical studies.  Students are trained on a variety of book-based study aids and become familiarized with computer-based study tools.


This course will focus on how believers can access the triumphant heavenly joy that brings victory in every circumstance. 


The Apostle Paul believed that those who are born of God are children of God, whether Jew or Gentile.  In this course we will discuss the teachings of the Apostle Paul and how man’s dominion functions through his spirit (pneuma), or inward man.  Paul’s teachings centered around man as a speaking spirit and how man’s dominion is restored when he is born again.

 TH-209           BIBLE DOCTRINES

This course helps the student identify the anointing of God in the Old and New Testaments and specifically in the life and ministry of Jesus.  It will also help the student understand the anointing from God that is available for believers today



 TH-301                   PRINCIPLES OF LEADERSHIP I

This class helps students recognize, develop, and  refine the personal characteristics necessary to be a truly effective leader – the kind people want to follow.

 TH-302                EPHESIANS

Ephesians reveals the mystery of the Church as the Body of Christ, recreated in Christ Jesus to express Christ’s fullness on earth.  It also covers practical matters of relationships with other believers, our families, and employers.

 TH-303                 THE TRIUMPHANT CHURCH

This course will explore the believer’s position of victory and authority in Christ over all powers and principalities in this world.  Students will study the wisdom of God concerning spiritual warfare and deliverance.

 TH-304                BLOOD COVENANT

This course covers the significance of blood covenants in human history from the first blood covenant in Genesis to God’s covenant with Abraham to Christ as the fulfillment of the Abrahamic Covenant.

 TH-305                 CHURCH HISTORY

This course teaches the student the origin of the Christian Church, its birth, and its development from the Day of Pentecost through modern times. The teachings also focus on the modern-day outpouring of the Spirit over the past century.

 TH-306                MINISTRY OF HELPS

This course teaches us to understand the supernatural gift of helps and to learn the diversity of gifts involved in the helps ministry, as well as study the spiritual and physical attributes of a servant of God.  It also serves as a review of some practical applications of the helps ministry in the local church.

 TH-307                MINISTRY GIFTS

This course teaches the student the function and the characteristics of the five-fold ministry gifts.  It will emphasize church leadership and the responsibilities of each office of church government.

TH-308                 WISDOM AND REVELATION

This course will teach the importance of receiving the spirit of wisdom and revelation, and it’s vital role in helping the believer to access the call, the inheritance, and the authority he/she has in Christ.  It also helps to understand that our dedication to God is fueled by our revelation of Him, and that there are mysteries in God which He enjoys revealing to the believer.

TH-309                 ACTS

This course is a study of the powerful ministry of the Holy Spirit in the early New Testament Church and challenges students to expect the same powerful outpouring in these last days.




This course teaches the principles of effectively producing leadership skills within your church staff and volunteers.  This course will discuss biblical principles, biblical examples, and godly traits of supportive ministers and their vital role in the success of the local church body.


This course presents practical teaching in a lab environment in which students will receive hands-on training in areas of audio/visual technology.  Instruction will focus specifically in the areas of sound, website, and media technology.                

TH-403                 EXPOSITORY PREACHING

This course helps students prepare and deliver sermons that will bring the Scriptures to life.  This course provides practical help in creating a sermon outline, public speaking, and platform etiquette.

TH-404                 TEACHING THE WORD

This course will give practical guidelines designed to help students effectively teach the Word of God.  It will focus on methods of presentation and delivery of thought for effective communication of the precepts and principles outlined in the Word of God.          

TH-405                 PERSONAL EVANGELISM

This course examines the biblical principles of effective evangelism: the message, the  mandate, the motivation, and the methods.  The love that drove Christ to the cross, now drives us to the lost.

TH-406                 MINISTERIAL ETHICS

This course sets a standard of excellence in ethical conduct.  It examines the moral and ethical responsibilities and challenges facing today’s Spirit-filled ministers and exposes common ethical problems providing preventive strategies for each.  As ministers, we are to reflect God’s love, God’s justice, and God’s righteousness.

TH-407                 DISCIPLESHIP

This course presents the need for discipleship in and through the local church.  Establishing programs in which Christians can grow and mature should be interwoven in the very fabric of every church and its mission.  Discipleship programs such as Life Groups, Sunday School, Youth and Children’s Ministry will be discussed.

TH-408                 PRAISE & WORSHIP

This course introduces the student to the art of leading worship and the worship leading team.  Students will discover the full purpose of praise and worship and how it is to function in the individual and the congregation.


This course introduces the biblical basis for the counseling ministry.  It will discuss the most important and exemplary model of counseling – Jesus Christ.  Students will observe His approach to counseling and how that His work with people was a process.



MP-100, 200, 300, 400 MINISTRY PRACTICUM

Ministry Practicum is required for the completion of each program at ICIBC.  Ministry Practicum gives students 3 credit-hours and a letter grade of “A” for 8 hours of volunteer ministry in their local church per course month (72 hours per program/year).  Ministry Practicum is mandatory for the completion of all certificates, diplomas, and degrees offered in our Christian Ministry program.  Note: Ministry Practicum credit will only be granted after a student has completed 9 courses at ICIBC.